Furnishings & Decor

Good Questions to Ask:

  • How is the space currently used?

  • What uses does the space need to accommodate?

  • What about the space functions well?

  • What doesn’t function well?

  • How often is the space used?

  • Is it more formal/casual?

Each furnishing project begins by assessing what the needs are for the space, both functionally and aesthetically.  This helps guide the furniture and accessory selection and lets me know what your priorities are for the space.  

Furnishings can include, but are not limited to: Sofas, Chairs, Sectionals, Ottomans, Side and End Tables, Coffee Tables, Desks, Consoles, & Lamps.

Decor describes the finishing touches such as: Artwork, Mirrors, Clocks, Pictures, Planters, Table-top Accessories, Candle Holders, & Curtains.

Also, before we begin selecting furnishings, we will establish a budget.  Typically, furnishings and decor will fall under one of the categories below.

Custom Furnishing & Decor

This includes trade furniture and custom designs including built-ins, trade-only specifications, custom furniture design, and custom finishes.

Standard Furnishing & Decor

Using local retail stores, designer guided and customer purchased, developing a list of needed items and finishing an entire space.