"Elizabeth Templeton came into our lives in February of 2016, when we were completely overwhelmed in the midst of a massive home renovation. Liz immediately understood the aesthetic we wanted to achieve and quickly brought order to our chaos. She helped us to select everything from marble countertops, lighting fixtures, and cabinet hardware to rugs and furniture. Liz provided several great options for each choice, simplifying the decision-making process and saving us time and money. In addition, she has a remarkable understanding of construction details and prevented a number of contractor mishaps from occurring. My husband and I are amazed at how well Liz met our needs and desires, and are so grateful for her help. We absolutely love our home. 

This year, 2017, I embarked on an office renovation to add a teaching kitchen to a historic building, employing Liz to guide me through the City of Durham permit process as well as selection of equipment and furnishings. Liz was able to navigate through a number of hurdles that would have prevented me from completing the project at all, and again saved time and money. I am enjoying teaching classes in my wonderful kitchen.

We are thrilled that Liz is starting her own business, True Design, so that we can refer our friends and acquaintances.  She is an exceptionally talented young designer with an uncanny ability to understand her clients’ wishes and interpret market trends accordingly. We recommend her highly and without reservation, and are certain that you will be over the moon with her work. "

-Mary Gross


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