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My main objective is providing design that is TRUE to your aesthetic, budget, and functionality of space.  

Each design solution should be uniquely suited to the client.  My first job as a designer is to listen.  When I work with a client, we work as a team. When we complete a project, it is OUR success.

My experience designing spaces that are functional while being true to the character of the home and surroundings, has been earned through years of work and research.  I have helped homeowners through the design-build process both from the design and construction end, which helps me clearly communicate to the whole design team and avoid unnecessary stress for the homeowner.

I also track the design process and selections with a proven system that gives us a unique advantage in executing the design during construction.  I've successfully used and improved this system to complete projects of many different sizes. I'm a strong believer in organization, because it works.

The most valuable part of my process, I have found, is my honesty. Being straightforward has earned me many clients' trust and that is crucial to design. When you are working in and on someone's home or business, you have to develop trust in order to work together. My clients know that I always have their best interest at heart, and I will always act on their behalf. 



"When clients become family...

We are thrilled that Liz is starting her own business, True Design, so that we can refer our friends and acquaintances.  She is an exceptionally talented young designer with an uncanny ability to understand her clients’ wishes and interpret market trends accordingly. We recommend her highly and without reservation, and are certain that you will be over the moon with her work. 

-Mary & Michael Gross


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